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Wild Growth: is a proven, concentrated, natural, rich and silky hair and scalp oil and nail and skin conditioner that is effective for all ages (0-99+ years), both male and female. Contents: Olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, ergocalciferol choline, inositol, iron, magnesium, phosphorous. calcium, natural color fragrance and others

Pretty Strands’ oil is like your hair’s personal trainer. Seriously! It is enriched with red palm oil and almond oil that penetrates the hair from root to tip, which heals and strengthens every strand. Absorbed quickly, it revitalizes and refreshes hair while boosting radiance and shutting down breakage and split ends. The result? Strong, radiant strands.

Zinnia is formulated to scientifally promote healthy hair growth, this oil is a must have in your product collection.

Key benefits include:
Blood flow stimulation
Soothe dry and irritated scalp
Nourishes hair
Promotes healthy hair growth
Provides daily moisture when wearing protective styles

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